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Kristen's Heart Beats is  not-for-profit group advocating for CPR Awareness and Training. We are committed to saving more lives by raising awareness around the importance of CPR training in schools and building CPR-ready communities.

On August 24, 2019, I experienced sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). My heart stopped for nearly 30 minutes and yet, I survived. While 90% of SCA victims don't survive, my fate was different for one reason. I received Hands-Only CPR almost immediately after collapsing. Thankfully, just a few short years earlier, my son learned the basics of CPR during a 7th grade health class. He was able to recognize my emergency and knew what to do. Even though my heart had stopped pumping on its own, my 15 year old son kept blood pumping through my body by delivering chest compressions until paramedics could shock my heart back into rhythm with an AED (automated external defibrillator).

While I'm living proof that CPR saves lives (and that kids should pay attention in school) - my son is proof that by incorporating basic CPR and AED training into school curriculum - we're arming our youth with true life-skills - and, ultimately, building safer communities.

In Illinois, Lauren's Law requires that secondary schools include CPR and AED training in their curriculum, yet the law often goes unenforced. I encourage you to connect with your local schools to inquire and advocate for CPR training curriculum. 

Kristen's Heart Beats believes in a future where CPR is recognized as a basic life-skill and the majority are CPR-trained. Together, we can build an army of rescuers and save more lives. Thank you for supporting Kristen's Heart Beats.

Hi, I'm Kristen...


The Day My Heart Stopped

On Saturday, August 24th, 2019, I'd just finished making breakfast for the kids when I collapsed and fell to the floor. My heart completely stopped. Out of the blue. No warning. No symptoms. Just Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

With my husband at work that morning, my life was literally in the hands of our four children. Unbeknownst to us, our 15 year old son studied CPR in middle school... and fortunately for us, has the memory of an elephant. Eddie was able to recall his training - and for 6 terrifying minutes - bravely delivered life-saving chest compressions until first responders arrived and took over. 13 EMT's stormed our home that morning, and I'm told they "threw the book" at me (that's EMT speak for "tried all the things" ) to bring my heart back into rhythm -  every attempt for my kids as much as for me. Finally, after 19 minutes of CPR, my heart responded and I regained a pulse.

It gets overwhelming to think that without my son and CPR, I wouldn't be here today. At the same time, this giant truth bomb sets my heart on fire and gives me purpose. 

I hope you'll join Kristen's Heart Beats in supporting and funding CPR awareness and readiness. 

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