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Good Things are happening! I know you have been wondering when my next post would be...and somewhere between Dr. appointments, cardiac rehab and living my life as a freaking miraculous unicorn, I got lost! I'm back and I will try to not let that happen again.

For Starters, a big thanks to you all. By sharing my story, we have reached some terrifically wonderful people. There is a woman in California who was SO moved by Eddie's heroism and our story, she wants to donate 46 CPR manikins to us to use as we see fit in our community or any community that needs them! AMAZING!!! So, because this IS my first CPR rodeo, I am working with a lovely woman named Cindie, a CPR Guru from the American Heart Association to make sure we get the right stuff. She is helping to guide the purchase of those resources that are being donated. Also, Cindie told me that I am what she calls, a unicorn. Meaning, you hear about this kind of stuff..the 5% that survive, but you just don't get the chance to see it for yourself. I'll take it. I actually now prefer to be called a unicorn over a miracle.

Secondly, yesterday my sister and I spent the morning with a dear friend who is organizing a wellness event at his company. The American Red Cross will be coming to his office to offer CPR/First Aid training for all employees who choose to participate. I was able to speak to his entire office today at their morning meeting, share my story and hopefully motivate all who listened to invest in CPR training. Want me to come speak at your work? Just drop me a line. I'm also preparing to be able to give Hands Only CPR demonstrations and workshops, stay tuned for more on that exciting adventure!

Finally, I ended the night attending the Frankfort Fire Protection District Board of Trustees meeting tonight. At this meeting firefighters from our district were honored for life-saving and other heroic acts. I was lucky enough to see my heroes presented with awards, all 13 first responders and the 911 dispatcher as well. The Chief Deputy then presented challenge coins to my kids and an individual award to Eddie for his heroism. Life is beautiful.

And that's all the good things for today. Oh wait, I have a few more favorite hashtags. #fearless #badass #unicorn and a new job title given to me by JanaLee...professional survivor.

My heart beats for the good things.

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