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Yesterday I met with our local Illinois State Representative, Anthony DeLuca. Mr. DeLuca reached out to me after receiving a call from two women who recently lost their friend due to cardiac arrest. We met to discuss proposing a law regarding CPR in schools. A law that would require all staff in a school to be CPR trained as well as mandate Illinois schools to make CPR training part of their health/P.E. curriculum beginning in 6th grade. Here is why...

As you all know, I was already on a mission to get CPR in schools because I was saved with the CPR training that my children learned in middle school. I now have the added help of Adele and Maria who are finding themselves sad, confused, angry and shocked that their friend died while working in a school. She was 45, just like me. She began a new job working in the lunch room at an elementary school. She experienced cardiac arrest, just like me.

If you know my story, you understand why this hits close to home on so many levels...and further underscores the incredible importance of CPR training in schools. If we teach our kids CPR in school, we are equipping them and our future with the tools to handle emergency situations no matter where they take place. Be it at a school, a baseball game, the grocery store, or even at home, as it was in my case.

My heart beats for getting CPR training in schools.

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