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If you belong to Facebook, you know that everyday has a tribute title. Like, National Donut Day, Cousin Day, Dog Day, Taco Day (yes, real and celebrated by yours truly). There are so many "days" we often don't give them a second thought. Today is National First Responder Day. I can't appreciate the first responders who saved my life enough, so I am all in on this one. It's amazing how perfect strangers became so close to my heart so quickly. Every ambulance and firetruck we see and hear on the road these days, Sam and Nate ask me, "Mom, are those our guys?" That's how we feel about them, like they are our guys, our personal heroes...because they are, along with being heroes to countless others. Today is a day to think about how these perfectly perfect strangers work to save the lives of those we love. Every.Single.Day.

We all know that I love preaching my preach about how CPR saves lives! There's nobody who knows this better than paramedics. They see it first hand. And they will tell you, they were only able to save me because of my Eddie, who performed CPR without hesitation. Many of you are looking to get CPR training, following my event, and I am so thankful you are. Here is an opportunity for those of you in and near Frankfort to get CPR training. Thanks to and brought to you by one of "our guys", local residents are now being offered a Friends and Family CPR class that will teach you the basics to save a life, for $10! I'm already on the list for November 25th! Thank you Frankfort Fire Protection, for hearing me and giving our residents this gift. My heart beats for National First Responder Day!

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